Retirees: Carolyn Denny-Schaefer

Carolyn Denny-Schaefer
Secretary 1
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Carolyn Denny-Schaefer retired in July of this year. She began her employment at the University in 1976 as the secretary for the Physical Plant. In 1984, she became the secretary for Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering and later moved to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department where she remained until her retirement.

Carolyn is also a YSU graduate from the School of Business where she received an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Her husband is a graduate of the YSU School of Business as well.

Carolyn said, “I worked with some of the most phenomenal people.” She added that her relationships with co-workers are what she loved most about working at YSU. “I still get together with my co-workers who are still at the University and some are retired,” she commented.

She has three children attending YSU and is still involved with events at the University. Her son is in the marching band so she goes to all the football games, and she loves to see the theatre productions. Carolyn’s husband is retired, as well, so she plans to spend time with family and friends and support her children in the various clubs they are involved with on campus.

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