Dr. Hans Tritico accepted into FOEE Program

Dr. Hans Tritico, Assistant Professor for the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, was accepted into the Frontiers of Engineering Education program. The FOEE program is sponsored by the National Academy of Engineers. Approximately 50 engineering professors were selected to attend the symposium in Irvine, CA. Dr. Tritico will meet other leading engineering educators and brainstorm on ways to improve engineering education. They will then present their innovations to the engineering community.

Dr. Tritico said his ultimate goal for participating in the program is to help YSU students become the best engineers in the nation. He added that this is an opportunity to highlight the incredible teaching and learning that is going on at YSU. He is also looking forward to bringing back fresh ideas on curriculum and teaching methods to YSU and sharing those ideas with his colleagues.

Dr. Tritico teaches water resources engineering at YSU. He also teaches fluid mechanics and hydraulic design as well as co-teaches the capstone design course. His graduate level courses include sediment transport, water policy and advanced hydrology. He has done research in sustainable hydraulics with emphasis on stream restoration and fish passage design. He holds a joint PhD from the University of Michigan in both Civil Engineering and Aquatic Ecology.

He added, “It’s an honor that YSU and I have been recognized by the National Academy of Engineers for our innovations in engineering education. Such an honor is a testament to the quality of our students and the dedication of our faculty,”

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