2012 Cincinnati Research Associate of the Year

The Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society is pleased to announce that William M. Allen, Jr. has been named as the Research Associate of the Year for 2012.

Bill Allen joined P&G in 1998 after obtaining his Master of Science degree in organic chemistry from Youngstown State University. He worked with Dr. Robert Laughlin creating pure surfactants to generate highly accurate phase diagram studies. Upon Bob’s retirement, Bill began working with Dr. Isao Noda, creating new-to-the world materials. Bill’s scientific capability as a chemist is indeed impressive, clearly demonstrated by his professional accomplishments of four granted patents, nine published patent applications, and seven publications in peer-reviewed journals. His contributions as a P&G intellectual leader and top technologist, his firm grasp of fundamental scientific concepts, depth of technical knowledge, drive, and intellectual curiosity, his willingness to take bold intellectual initiative, as well as his ability to utilize various state-of-the-art techniques to maximum extent in his research efforts was recognized in 2008 with one of the most prestigious internal technology awards name after John G. Smale, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of P&G.

Bill is also a graduate of Xavier University’s MBA program and an avid marathon runner. Bill and his wife Toni, who also works at P&G, live in Liberty Township and enjoy spending time with their children, Bradley and Audrey.

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