Professor Kin P. Moy chaired the USA delegation for International Standards Organization (ISO) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Working Group Meeting

Kin P. Moy, associate professor of Electrical Engineering Technology served as the chairman of the USA delegation to the International Standards Organization (ISO) EMC test standards development working group meeting in Troy, Michigan in February, 2012. The working group included representatives from major global automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

The working group is responsible for the development of global automotive EMC test standards to ensure automobiles’ electrical/electronic systems are immune to electromagnetic interference.

In this meeting, the scope of the working group has been expanded to include measurements for the potential effect of Low Frequency Magnetic Field (LFMF) radiations from electric vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) to on board electronics during the vehicle operations as well as when the vehicle in  charging mode.

The working group might also develop test methodology to measure the levels of LFMF exposure from EV and HEV to the vehicle occupants.

The developed standards are often utilized by major global vehicle manufacturers for their product specifications as well as by many governments to form the basis for their regulatory requirements.

Professor Moy is also the Chairman of the SAE Electromagnetic Immunity Task Force and Vice Chairman of the SAE EMC Standards Committee. He is also a member of several other SAE and IEEE EMC working groups and task forces.