Region 2 IEEE Student Activities Conference

This year represents another unique and successful year for the IEEE Student Chapter at YSU. With the increased amount of active members, the success of our S-PAC’s (Student Professional Activities Conferences), the help from our adviser Dr. Faramarz Mossayebi, and the support from our local chapter, we can proudly say that this year we are the flagship chapter of this region.

On Saturday April 28th, 28 members of the YSU IEEE Student Chapter attended the 2012 Region 2 IEEE Student Activities Conference at OSU participating in various competitions. Achieving 2nd place in four different categories: Project Showcase, Physics Competition, T-Shirt Design Competition, and Scavenger Hunt, the chapter saw success this year unparalleled to any other chapter in the region. Below are descriptions of the winning categories.

  • Project Showcase: A poster style event for students to present their research and capstone projects to fellow IEEE members of the region. Winners were decided by popular vote from students.
  • Physics Competition: This competition gave students an opportunity to solve a real-world problem using common sense with a practical approach. Students were given a physics problem and had one hour to use their creativity to demonstrate their knowledge.
  • T-Shirt Design Competition: Competitors were able to show off their creative skills in the t-shirt contest. The idea was simply to make the most creative/best looking t-shirt. The IEEE logo needed to be incorporated somewhere in the design. Winners were decided by popular vote from students.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Competitors had to solve engineering problems and follow clues in a race to complete the scavenger hunt.

The winning teams are:

  • Project Showcase: 2nd Place, winning $500, was the team of Aaron Bishop, Michael Sammartino, and Jarrett Scacchetti with their “Rubik’s Cube Solving App” capstone project.
  • Physics Competition: 2nd Place was the team of Jacob Kreatsonlas, John McCabe, and Matt Virostek,
  • T-Shirt Design Competition: 2nd Place was the team of Audria Grubbs, JR Harvey, and Rey Jon Mejo with their design of “I Cannot Resist IEEE”.
  • Scavenger Hunt: 2nd Place was the team of Nick Brown, Nick Carbone, Klara Chan, and Tyler Vitullo.

As the chapter continues to grow with active members who have a commitment to excellence and leadership, such success like this in the future is guaranteed.

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