STEM Graduate Careers

Youngtown State University (YSU) graduates prepared for commencement on Saturday, May 19, while three STEM College students prepared to begin their careers with nationally-known companies and what they can anticipate being a future YSU success story.

Jennifer Moy, a chemical engineering major, has accepted a position with pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Moy, an active member of the Society for Women Engineers, attended their national conference in Chicago, Illinois. Moy said there was a two -day career fair with over 200 employers, and that was her first introduction to Eli Lilly. She received a phone call asking her to speak with company representatives on the second day of the career fair, and after the conference, she was invited for a tour of the plant. Soon after, Moy received a job offer.As a chemical engineer, Moy said she would be working with the dry plant, which is responsible for the commercial production of tablets and capsules, and the scale up for new medications.

Computer science student Jeremy Cummins is off to Redmond, Washington, working for Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer (SDE). Last summer, Cummins went through a three- part interview process for an internship with the company. There, Cummins said, he was able to do work that a full-time SDE would. At the end of his internship, Cummins was offered a full-time position beginning this July. Cummins said that he was interested in being a SDE because …”since a young age, solving problems has interested me, as well as computers. Software Engineering allows me to solve real problems and see my solutions in a product.” Cummins cites coursework and research with Dr. Graciela Perera, assistant professor of computer science and information systems at YSU, as an important part of how he prepared for his current position. “The research” Cummins said, “allowed me to practice and refine what I learned in the classroom and learn how to apply it to real world problems.”

Mechanical engineering major Christopher Fenstermaker gained full-time employment with GE Transportation, working with locomotives. Already having an interest in GE, he became aware of the program through Dr. Daniel Suchora, chair of the department of mechanical and industrial engineering. Fenstermaker said “My experience here (YSU) has shown me that I can do things that I did not think I could do, and it has made me much more confident in myself.”Fenstermaker indicated that during his co-op …”I will have the chance to work on big projects with multiple groups within the company.” An advantage, he added, is that he would be able to work with different engineering groups, allowing him to realize interests and direction on his career path. In the fall Fenstermaker will move on to a master’s program in mechanical engineering at Gannon University, in Erie, Pennsylvania.

As for the value of her time at YSU, Moy said, “In addition to my coursework, research, and internship experience, my involvement in extracurricular activities at YSU has aided me significantly.” Nevertheless, Moy did have a warning to students: “The only issue within YSU is that there are so many opportunities for students that they can’t possibly take advantage of them all.”

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