STEM Explore Summer Program

Youngstown State University will hold the first annual STEM Explore Summer Program for middle school students in the Youngstown area. The two week session, which is open to 25 students, will run from June 18th until June 29th from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. The program is intended to increase student interest in STEM subject matter by having the participants perform various STEM experiments and listen to several speakers who will describe what their STEM career entails and how STEM careers are fun and interesting. Each day of the program will have a STEM theme. Several examples of the activities currently scheduled for the students are a sound wave demonstration, a tour of campus bio-swale and rain gardens, a series of forensics experiments and an explanation of weather patterns with the “cloud in a jar” experiment.

The program also features two main projects for the students. Each participant will be required to build their own “pasta bridge” and solar powered car. Both of these projects will be worked on for several days in order to give the students an idea of how to brainstorm for an activity, research the possibilities for each design (via the web) and then construct their final product. All of the activities for the two week program were developed and will be overseen by Dr. Katie Cripe (Beeghly College of Education), Dr. Sherri Lovelace-Cameron (Chemistry), Prof. Robert J. Korenic (School of Engineering Technology) and a group of licensed teachers who have recently received their degrees from Youngstown State University.

2 thoughts on “STEM Explore Summer Program

  1. Are there any other programs for middle schoolers this summer at YSU? Also, how are the students selected to participate in the STEM program?

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have anything else specific this summer. But there will be programs that students can get involved in throughout the year. And we expect to run this again next summer. Keep checking back for updates.

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