How do you cure tapeworm

Just ask 25 middle school students from 8 area schools and they will definitely let you know how they created “medicine” to cure tapeworm from a recipe dating back to the ‘80’s, that’s the 1880’s to be more correct!  The students were part of the YSU STEM Explore Program which met for 2 weeks on the YSU campus.

Ten days were filled with activities in all STEM areas which included:  building pasta bridges, designing and building solar cars, building weather instruments (anemometer, thermometer, barometer, cloud in a jar), building rockets, conducting forensic activities, collecting and analyzing bacteria,  and designing podcasts just to name a few.  In addition, the students toured the Melnik Medical Museum (where they made the “medicine”), YSU Planetarium, YSU Mineral Museum, OH WOW! The Gloria and Rogers Jones Children’s Center and many other places around campus.

This program is a collaboration between YSU’s College of STEM  and Beeghly College of Education and was motivated by the undersized numbers, nationally and regionally, of capable high school students entering into STEM majors at the college level.

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