Student Spotlight: Massey Fowler

Massey Fowler

Massey Fowler

Any student at YSU will tell you that a full schedule of classes is a lot to handle. Massey Fowler, however, just keeps adding more to his already busy schedule. The junior Mechanical Engineering and Math major likes keeping busy all the time.

Massey is currently the president of the YSU STEM Leadership Society. As if being the president wasn’t an accomplishment enough, he is one of the founding members that brought SLS to YSU’s campus.

“SLS’s mission is to develop students into better leaders and therein greater successes beyond their years at YSU,” Massey says.

STEM Leadership Society is a student organization where students are provided excellent opportunities for networking, mentoring, and interaction with area businesses.

Like many YSU students, Massey is not originally from the area. The Sparta, Ohio native was drawn to YSU and Youngstown, with the help of University Scholar alumnus and Massey’s former AP Calculus teacher Brad Smith.

“I really like Youngstown. The dynamic is great in that it’s close to so many engineering and technological resources without the overwhelming size of a bigger city,” he says. Massey enjoys learning and working with companies in the TechBelt.

At YSU, he enjoys hanging out in the dorms, playing video games, and going to church with friends. Massey also enjoys being involved with many campus clubs and organizations like University Scholars, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Engineers Without Borders, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Cru and Habitat for Humanity, in addition to SLS.

Massey hopes to continue his education with graduate studies and a doctorate. While most students want to get out into the engineering industry, Massey would prefer to do research on nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, or bioengineering.

Coming up for Massey and SLS is Crash Day, a campus wide event for perspective students to explore YSU. At Crash Day, Massey and SLS hope to present the new media that they’ve worked on this last semester that shows students that YSU College of STEM and SLS could be where they belong.

6 thoughts on “Student Spotlight: Massey Fowler

  1. You go Mass, and keep your high ideals with you through all of life, and you will be blessed as you bless others. You can do anything you set your mind to. We know this because we have seen you do it.

  2. Wow Massey! I’m so impressed with your accomplishments and leadership. I have always known you would do great things! Keep up the great work:)

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