Publications 2

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“Exploring (NH2F)2, H2FP:NFH2, and (PH2F)2
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“John Pople, the Man and His Science” in Pioneers of Quantum Chemistry.
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Gosnell WC, Butcher MT, Maie T, Blob RW. 2011. Femora loading mechanics in Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana): torsion and mediolateral bending in mammalian parasagittal locomotion. J Exp Biol 214: 3455-3466

Butcher MT, Hudzik NB*, White BJ*, Gosnell WC*, Parrish JHA, Blob RW. 2011. In vivo strain in the femur of the opossum (Didelphis virginiana) during terrestrial locomotion: testing hypotheses of evolutionary shifts in bone loading and design. J Exp Biol 214: 2631-2640.

*former YSU undergraduates. N Hudzik is now working on his D.PT. at YSU, and B White is a medical student at NEOMED.

Sheffield KM, Butcher MT, Shugart SK, Gander JC, Blob RW. 2011. Locomotor loading mechanics in the hindlimbs of tegu lizards (Tupinambis merianae): comparative and evolutionary implications. J Exp Biol 214: 2616-2630.

Ruigang Wang, assistant professor, Chemistry, together with his graduate student, Samuel I. Mutinda, recently published the article “The Dynamic Shape of Ceria Nanoparticles,” in The Journal of Chemical Physics Letters. The research is supported by the funds from the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation-CTME project and the YSU University Council Grant.

Virgil C. Solomon, assistant professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and his graduate student Anthony Yurcho of Chemical Engineering, presented a paper titled “Microstructural Analysis of Ceramic-Metallic Interpenetrating Phase Composites” at the 2011 American Society for Engineering Education North Central & Illinois-Indiana Section Conference at Central Michigan University. Co-authors include Timothy R. Wagner, professor, and Matthias Zeller, senior research scientist, both of Chemistry, and Klaus-Markus Peters and Brian P. Hetzel, both from Fireline TCON Inc. in Youngstown.

Zbigniew Piotrowski, professor, Mathematics and Statistics, gave a talk, “On a property of all real-valued pointwise discontinuous functions,” at the Mathematics Department of the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, Poland.

Jozsi Z. Jalics, associate professor of Mathematics and Statistics, together with collaborators at the University of Pittsburgh, published an article titled “Stimulus-driven traveling solutions in continuum neuronal models with a general smooth firing rate function” in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. Jalics presented the work at the 2011 SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in Snowbird, Utah. Jalics also recently published an article titled “Mixedmode oscillations in a three time-scale system of ODEs motivated by a neuronal model” in Dynamical Systems together with Martin Krupa of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Horacio Rotstein of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Anwarul Islam, associate professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, presented a paper titled “Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges Using Wireless Sensor Network” in the PROTECT 2011 workshop in Lugano, Switzerland. Co-authors of the paper include Frank Li, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and electrical engineering student Phaneendra Kolli. The paper was also published in the Periodical of Applied Mechanics and Materials in 2011 with the title “Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading.

Javed Alam, professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, co-authored two publications with Malinka Ivanova at the Technical University of Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria. “Google Wave Platform: Exploring the Settings for Personalized Learning” was presented at the Third Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments, held at the Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning in Barcelona, Spain, last fall; and “Wave for Personal Learning Network Forming and for Collaborative Knowledge Transfer,” was published in the Annual Journal of Electronics.

John Feldmeier, assistant professor, Physics and Astronomy, authored a paper to be published in the Astronomical Journal entitled “The Burrell-Optical-Kepler-Survey (BOKS) I: Survey Description and Initial Results.” There were 13 other co-authors, including Rebecca Kutsko, an undergraduate student at YSU.

Professor Walker, L. Zelinka, S. McCann, J. Budde, S. Sethi, M. Guidos, R. Giles, G. R. Walker. Expression of the autoimmune rippling muscle disease immunogenic domain of human titin encoded by exons 248-249. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 411: 501-505 (2011). (Co-authors are students at YSU)