Retirees: Bob Hogue

Bob Hogue
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Information Systems

Bob Hogue retired this year after a 23-year affiliation with the University. He started his career at YSU in 1988 as a faculty member in the Department of Computer Technology. He served as Secretary of the Academic Senate for nine years and was First Vice President of YSU-OEA for several years. He also served as OEA President for a year. He developed an individual curriculum program in web communications and established a scholarship for new students majoring in creative writing, journalism or technical writing and created a website with Dean Abraham for the STEM Leadership Conservatory.

After retirement, Bob will teach one or two courses a year under Extended Teaching Service. He is involved with the development of various websites and will continue to be involved with the English Festival. In the winter months, he plans to travel to warmer climates.

Bob enjoyed working with the students at YSU. He said, “They inspired me with their energy and their creativity and their ability to keep everything in proper perspective. They are very talented people, and I consider it an honor to have worked with them.”

New Faculty: Dr. Bonita Sharif

Dr. Bonita Sharif
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Information Systems

Dr. Sharif started teaching classes at YSU this fall after serving as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Ohio University. She has conducted research in empirical software engineering and program comprehension and has experience in software visualization to support maintenance of large systems and eye-tracking research related to software engineering.

She received her MS in 2003 and Ph.D. in 2010 from Kent State University. Her dissertation work involved controlled experiments and eye-tracking studies evaluating the impact of layout on the comprehension of Unified Modeling Language class diagrams.

Dr. Sharif hopes to be a valuable asset to YSU’s growing masters program in Computing and Information Systems by contributing her knowledge of software engineering. She said, “I enjoy working with students, and my research is accessible to them.” She looks forward to building collaborative relationships with the other departments and promoting the software engineering expertise of students and faculty.