Sustainable Energy Forum, Delphi

In today’s society, companies are finding new ways to bring energy efficient products to consumers.

Attendees at the June 4 and 5 Sustainable Energy Forum at Youngstown State University were able to see first-hand some of the new technologies that are driving sustainability efforts in the automotive sector. Presenters from the hydraulics division of Delphi, in Champion, Ohio, hosted a panel to discuss how the company is introducing innovative technologies into the hybrid market.

Delphi is a global manufacturer that develops parts for the growing demand of greener vehicles. Randy Sumner, director of global hybrid electric vehicle business and technology development, said that in a standard car, there is more computing than a space shuttle.

In one innovation critical to the success of the electric vehicle, Delphi is developing a wireless charging system. The system would be placed on a garage floor, or paved parking spot, and consumers would not have to worry about plugs or cords.
Currently, the company has 12,400 customers, and 120,000 employees. Sumner noted that Delphi has a 95 percent flawless launch rate, and invests substantially in research and development.

Fourth Annual Sustainable Energy Forum

Here in the United States, as well as internationally, sustainable energy is an area that has gained massive attention in more recent years. On June 4th and 5th, the fourth annual Sustainable Energy Forum held in Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State University, served as an opportunity for businesses, students, and the community alike to learn more about ideas and innovations in this growing field. Attendees heard from a variety of guest speakers, such as representatives from Delphi, Dominion Transmission, General Motors, and Global Green USA. Marc Gerken, president of American Municipal Power (AMP) in Columbus, Ohio, delivered the keynote address to the crowd of over 200. Mr. Gerken, and the entire forum as a whole, had one ongoing theme: moving forward. With sustainability being a world -wide concern, new technologies are emerging. These efforts are what will change the future.